North Central MS/HS Staff


Front Office


Dave Florenski                         Jr/Sr High Principal   

Lois Marsicek                         Jr/Sr High Secretary   



If a teacher’s subject area is a link, it will take you to their webpage

Tiffany Jenkins Hs Math, Health
Anna Martell HS English
Dan Martell HS Science
Jude VanDamme MS   Science
Cheryl Proksch MS English/History
Bill Rinne Music
Peter Schlenvogt Health & P.E
Vicki Snyder MS Math/English
Matt Stein Social Studies
Barbara Veeser Special Education
Elizabeth Tucker Math, Science
Emily Westphal Art
Gerald Whitens Industrial Arts
Teresa Wright Counselor





Cherie Granquist                   Head Cook                    

Sandy Hanchek                     Library Aide                   

Aaron Harper                        Custodian

Michelle Davis                      Bus Driver

Carri Dellis                             Bus Driver

Karen Gorzinski                    Bus Driver

Bob Hanchek                         Bus Driver


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