Elementary School Process Rubrics (40)

SPR (40) provides both a snapshot of current school performance and a ladder for educators, supplying feedback and directions to assist them on a path of meaningful change. The School Process Rubrics (40) School Performance Indicators are based on the School Improvement Framework. Based on a review of the research on school improvement, rubrics to measure 40 key characteristics have been selected as having the most effect on student achievement. The School Process Rubrics (40) School Performance Indicators engage the school community in an in-depth assessment of each of the 40 Key Characteristics. In completing the report, the school identifies the level of achievement on each Key Characteristic, and documents the evidence used to support the level of achievement. The self assessment helps the school identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

View/Download the 2011 Elementary School Process Rubrics (40) (pdf)

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