JH Girls Basketball

Photos courtesy of Cutting Edge Photography

JH Basketball coached by A. Kleikamp

2017-18 Schedule

Date Opponent Loc Time Win/Loss


Sep 05 Carney Nadeau H 5:30 P  W/L
Sep 07 Bark River H 5:30 P  W/L
Sep 12 Esc. Holy Name H 5:30 P  W/L
Sep 14 Stephenson A 5:00 P  W/W
Sep 18 Menominee H 5:30 P  L/L
Sep 19 Carney Nadeau A 5:30 P  W/L
Sep 25 Bark River A 5:00 P  
Sep 28 Stephenson H 5:30 P  W/W
Oct 02 Esc. Holy Name A 5:00 P  
Oct 05 Menominee A 5:00 P  


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